Strategic & Transactional HR Services and Fees

Businesses do not always know well in advance that they need additional support. Osprey HR Consultants responds quickly to short term, as well as assisting with situations that are previously planned that require additional resources.

For example, Osprey HR specialist skills can assist organisations without an HR team or supplement an existing HR team in relation to mergers, acquisitions, redundancies, strategic planning, recruitment, development and training, and services can be tailored to match your specific requirements.

Support when you need it, how you need it...

Support designed around your requirements, for example:

  • Retained annual service
  • Pay as you go HR support
  • Bespoke and strategic HR support
  • Interim, temporary or on call staffing provision
  • Independent, specialist legal advice and support
  • Strategic input to facilitate business planning

Smaller companies may not require a full time resource devoted to HR, but the need to recruit, retain and develop staff whilst meeting their legal obligations. Avoiding expensive Employment Tribunal claims is still fundamental to any business and Osprey HR provide the technical expertise required by smaller companies, to help manage staffing issues, with on site, telephone and email support packages.

Strategic & Transactional HR Services and Fees

What is best HR consultancy agreement for you and your organisation?

Whether you enter a consultancy agreement on a pay-as-you-go, retained or subscription basis will depend on what services you require from the consultant, and how often you need them. For a one-off issue, a pay-as-you-go (ad-hoc) arrangement is likely to be more cost-efficient especially if you’re already using one of our subscription services. This is because you have no obligation to pay the consultant once the specific issue has been addressed.

For businesses without internal HR expertise, a retained consultant can offer great value. Most businesses will have HR needs that recur on a rolling-basis and might be outside your team’s expertise, especially when it comes to operating in accordance with complex employment laws.

Having a retained consultant on hand to deal with these issues as they develop means they will be resolved faster and with minimal impact on your business. However, Osprey’s newly developed subscription service might just be right for you; supported by our bespoke consultancy service may be the better option for you and your organisation.

What we can help you with, please click one of the following topics for more information….

  • TUPE Transfer

  • Subscription Service

  • HR Services & Fees

  • Restructuring and Managing Redundancies

  • Employment Legislation

  • Reward Strategies

  • Annual subscription including updates

    Osprey offer a number of tailored annual subscription services for affordable hr advice, employee handbooks, polices contracts of employment, director and contractor agreements, HR letters, forms and advice on Health and Safety. The ‘On-Demand’ subscription services designed to meet the needs of organisations in the UK, the Republic and Northern Ireland. So, for example, if you’re a company operating and employing staff in NI and Republic of Ireland; our subscription service we can provide you with a ‘combined staff handbook and service’ or individually for each jurisdiction of the UK, the Republic and Northern Ireland.

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  • Retained HR Service

    Regular HR support, when you need it, giving onsite HR support, case management, strengthened by offsite help when needed, from consultants who know you and your business. Seriously cost effective. It has the advantage of a guaranteed fixed cost on a renewable 12 months bases ensure you’re not hit with whatever eventualities may arise. With the retainer agreement, you as a retained client will also benefit by having us complete a comprehensive initial HR Assessment, develop HR Infrastructure (policies, handbooks, job descriptions, HR Forms) and provide HR support through phone / email / text or onsite 7 days a week. Essentially, a client has the benefits of having an HR Manager on-staff (without the expense of a hefty salary, etc.)

    Our charges are highly competitive and work on a sliding scale i.e. our retainer fee is based on a guaranteed one day per month and encompasses up to three days per month at £308.00 per day, representing a 20 per cent against our usual day rate for contracted services of £385. Thereafter, i.e. from the fourth day in any month the day rate is £347 representing a 10 per cent discount on our usual contracted day rate.

  • Bespoke HR projects and consultation service

    From small projects through to complex change projects, normally complementing either an annual subscription or retained service agreement. This is quoted for separately depending on the work needed so we only precede once written authorisation and agreement has been received from the client. As a guide the cost per day is based on our contracted rate of £385

  • Ad-hoc

    HR On-Demand service specifically available for those organisations who want to use us who do not have a retained or subscription service contract with Osprey and enables you to access HR expertise when you need it and you pay for the hours you use with no long-term commitments. All consultancy work is timed and the fee is £65 per hour, with a minimum of 15 minutes chargeable.

  • Interim HR

    We provide you with your own dedicated HR professional – normally at a senior a level and fees are agreed once the project and timeline are finalised..

In the event that the above options do not suit your needs then please contact Paul Middlemast on 07831 427234 as he will be happy to discuss with you your particular requirements.

Please note: separate charges are made for travel and subsistence e.g. mileage @ 0.45p per mile.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Osprey HR Consulting is fully insured with professional indemnity insurance, provided, in respect of claims up to a value of £1,000,000 per claim.

If you would like to find out more about our outsourced HR services call us on 07831 427234 or contact us online.