Development and Training

Supporting staff achievement...

Who can development help? The answer is almost anyone – the newly promoted manager, the established manager, the underperforming manager and the high flier can all benefit, but it’s not only individuals, but also teams who can benefit from development.

Osprey HR design appropriate programmes supporting both the individuals and the team to work more effectively and achieve their full potential, utilising development centres and psychometric instruments such as 360 degree feedback, personality questionnaires as well as training courses, to ensure that the business objectives are met for the development programmes.

Two individuals or teams who are equally skilled and work equally hard can produce two very different results. The difference is how effective they are at their roles. Osprey HR Consultants will provide coaching and mentoring to improve effectiveness and increase business return. Osprey HR has a proven coaching experience at all management tiers within an organisation, including Directors and Managing Directors.

Osprey HR also design and deliver training courses on a range of soft skills and HR issues including:

  • Employment Legislation
  • Managing for Success
  • Leadership skills
  • Handling difficult people
  • Managing Performance
  • Recruitment and Selection methods
  • Redundancy Management

Any training course is bespoke to the individual requirements; hence the above list just includes a few examples of possible courses.

  • TUPE Transfer

  • Subscription Service

  • HR Services & Fees

  • Restructuring and Managing Redundancies

  • Employment Legislation

  • Reward Strategies